Full Body Workout Calisthenics | Beginners

Full Body Workout Calisthenics | Beginners | Video Blog


Full Body Workout Calisthenics | Beginners

KTS Wholistic Fitness | Darius Wright


This is just a preview of Raw Strength Plus level 1 by Darius Wright! You can get the full program here:



This program with 30+ detailed videos, each teaching and transforming you to an expert at Bodyweight strength training, Raw strength Plus is expanded on original raw strength.

Raw Strength Plus workouts are more straight forward as we take what we have learn from raw strength original and start doing more compacted movements.

What you need access to in this program is:

1: Pull ups bar

2: Dip Bars

3: Yoga mat

Raw Strength Is My Life’s Work In One Program



Instagram: ktswholisticfitness



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