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Running takes us everywhere – through city streets, on muddy trails, along neighborhood loops and to places we’ve never been. We run short and go long. We do speedwork and run hill repeats. Running makes us feel alive. It pushes our limits. Alone or with friends, by running we belong to the same community.

Wherever you run, we invite you to Run with Us. #runwithstrava

Runners and locations:

Kilian Jornet – Passy, France

Kara Goucher – Boulder, CO

Alex Ho – San Francisco, CA

Matt Ashworth – Chamonix, France

Monica Squitieri – Fort Mason, SF, CA

Ashley Relf – Marin Headlands, CA

Kelsie Clausen – Bolinas Ridge, CA

Ian Curtis – Alameda, CA

Chris Douglas – Chinatown, SF, CA

Kristen & Luis Pena – Ocean Beach, SF, CA


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